Sprucing the sniffer

Rarely do I talk of miracles, but I’ve been reveling at my most recent $15 purchase.  The Norelco NT9110 trimmer works better than anything I’ve ever used.  The trimmer uses a different technology than the rotary blade setups of the past, which allows all areas of the nostril to be cleaned.  In addition, it can be rinsed with water, which makes total trimming time on the order of seconds.  Granted, a few people on Amazon mentioned that they had problems, so I recommend keeping your receipt.  I’ve had mine for about 6 weeks with no problems, but I’m going to buy a spare, just in case.

Norelco nose trimmer

Anti-disclaimer:  I received no compensation for this review, but if promoting this product continues to evolve the technology, I will have benefited many times over.