Fish oil

Apparently, nutritionists (including my neighbor, who is a nutritionist) are now strongly recommending fish oil for healthy living. Eating fish over red meat has been highly preferred for many years due to the lower fat content and the benefits of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, much of the fish I prefer is also high in mercury, so taking fish oil supplements looks like a good alternative, and after researching this, there appears to be very little to contradict the health benefits, such as often the case with other supplements. As a skeptic on vitamins in general, the only other two vitamins/minerals that I recommend and take regularly are the following:

Vitamin C

The trick to buying fish oil is to make sure it’s coated so that it is absorbed in the intestines and not the stomach, so that there is no taste in the mouth. After trying fish oil for a while (~6 months), I’ll write a follow-up to this post with any noticeable benefits or side effects.

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